Government Challenged On Mungiki

Emuhaya MP Kenneth Marende yesterday questioned the Government’s commitment to fighting the outlawed Mungiki sect.

Marende also challenged Internal security minister Chris Murungaru to resign for allegedly misleading Kenyans that the sect had been crushed.

The legislator accused the Government of supporting the activities of the sect yet it had promised to crack down on the terror gang.

” We recently saw Mungiki officials on television and newspapers. Why were they not arrested when minister Murungaru had vowed to crack down on them,” he asked.

The MP who was speaking in Kakamega added that Mungiki posed a major security threat because of its involvement in murders, robberies and forcible circumcision of women.

Marende said Murungaru should tell Kenyans if Mungiki had now been officially registered and whether there were “plans to compensate families of those killed or maimed by the sect members”.

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