Kenyan Security Minister Vows “Total War” Against Mungiki Sect Members

National Security Minister Dr Chris Murungaru has said the government is preparing to destroy the remaining Mungiki sect [a quasi-religious group that claims to follow Kikuyu traditional religion] and members who did not obey the government amnesty that expired last year.

Murungaru said the government will now wage total war on all remaining sect members to purge the country of all groups and individuals engaging in organized crime.

Dr Murungaru who was addressing the press at Karundo Secondary School in Kieni [central Kenya] said the government’s resolve is to wipe out the illegal group as the only way to protect Kenyan lives.

Over the last six months, more than 20 people have been brutally murdered or disappeared in mysterious circumstances with every indication of Mungiki sect involvement.

The Mungiki menace has been prevalent in Nairobi, Ngong, Nakuru and Central Province and also Ongata Rongai

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