Shocking New Information In Investigation Of Brentwood Church

Police are learning more about what happens at the Brentwood-base Remnant Fellowship church.

Remnant Fellowship church was the target of a search warrent by detectives the past two days.

They hauled away boxes of records.

Gwen Shamblin

Theologically, Gwen Shamblin’s ministries are considered cults of Christianity, due to their rejection of key doctrines of the Christian faith. Sociologically, Shamblin’s Remnant Fellowship has cultic characteristics as well.

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The search stemmed from a murder investigation in Atlanta.

Two members of the church in Atlanta, Joseph and Sonya Smith, werecharged with beating their son to death.

Gwen Shamblin,founder of the church,defended the Smiths and Remnant’s emphasis on strict discipline.

But, inan exclusive interview,Laura Boone saidthe discipline went too far.

She worked as a babysitter for Remnant two years ago and remembers the Smith’s young son Josef.

Boone saidthe boy was crying one night whenhis father prepared to leave. She asked what she should do if the child didn’t stop crying. According to her, the father said to hit Josef hard.

Boone refused and quit.

Boone saidshe was horrified a few months later to learn that Josef had died, allegedly at the hands of his parents.

She then contacted police about what she saw while babysitting.

Remnant is now part of an investigation by the Franklin Police Department.

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