Police shut down white supremacist site

Edmonton – Police are considering charges after shutting down a white supremacist website and seizing a large amount of Nazi and hate material.

Officers raided an Old Strathcona home on May 7, shutting down the website for Western Canada for Us and confiscating computer hard drives, Nazi flags and jewelry, and books promoting white supremacy.Police say one of the books seized is illegal in Canada.

“We’re involved in some proactive strategies in regards to this type of material, and also some public complaints,” hate crimes investigator Const. Steve Camp said of the raid.

Charlene Hay, with the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations, which complained about the site, says initially it seemed to be recruiting members and promote white pride.

“But when you get deeper into their links, we actually got a page where there was a picture of some white people beating up a person of colour,” Hay said.

Police aren’t naming a suspect, but Glenn Bahr has told CBC that the raid was on his home. He claims his website was the visible tip of a provincial organization that has 40 members. Since the raid, he has left for B.C.

Last month, a Winnipeg man trying to recruit people for a Manitoba chapter of Western Canada for Us encountered a protest instead of new members.

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