Cult Lures Gay Bishop into Fold

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Wacky alien sex cult the Raelians have poached one of the world’s highest ranking Mormon bishops – because he’s openly gay.

And they’re using the ex-bishop to lure Mormons into their weirdo cult.

Ron Boston spent 17 years with the Mormon church in New Zealand and Australia.

The cult claims the high-ranking bishop resigned from his former church last week to join their wacko movement.

The Raelians believe that humans are direct descendants of aliens.

The movement was founded by ex-motor racing journalist Rael who claims to have met his alien ancestors in 1973.

The cult also believes in genetic engineering, cloning and members take part in strange free-for-all sex orgies.


There are more than 80 Raelian members in New Zealand and 60,000 worldwide.

Kiwi Raelian representative Mark Woodgate says the recruitment of Boston was exciting news for the movement.

“Ron is also very interested in spreading the messages to the Mormon community and assisting other ex-Mormon Raelians in spreading to the Mormon community,” he said.

About eight percent of Raelian members worldwide were ex- Mormons, claimed Woodgate.

He said Bishop joined the cult to express his homosexuality.

“He has resigned from the Mormon church, deciding to free himself from its religious constraints and live his sexuality as a gay,” he said.

A spokesman for the Mormon church said it was “ludicrous” followers would join the cult.

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