Thais upset by Buddha image on bikinis

BANGKOK (Reuters) – A multi-coloured Victoria’s Secret swimsuit with an image of the Buddha on the bikini top is upsetting many deeply traditional Thais who want its U.S. makers to take it off the shelves.

The mass-circulation Thai Rath newspaper splashed a picture of a buxom blonde beauty wearing the offending bikini on its front page on Wednesday, provoking outcries from politicians in the predominantly Buddhist country.

“We are offended and we will have to tell them we are offended,” said Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-Ngam, who is also in charge of Buddhist affairs.

The paper, which said it was alerted to the racy poolside outfit by a Thai woman who spotted it in an American summer clothing catalogue, said the swimsuit was “too much” and “hurt the hearts of Buddhists”.

No representative of Victoria’s Secret was immediately available for comment.

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