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Miracle man only one who can save me

Daily Record, UK
Apr. 16, 2004
Lori Campbell • Monday April 19, 2004

Exclusive Friends pay for Paula’s trip to Brazil

A terminal cancer patient has pinned her last hope of finding a cure on a miracle man in South America.

Paula Livingstone, 34, believes Brazilian spiritual healer John of God is her only chance after doctors told her there is no conventional cure.

And her workmates have opened a ‘Journey of Hope’ fund for Paula and are holding a raffle to raise the 1800 needed for her three-month stay.

Paula, who works as ground staff at Edinburgh Airport, said yesterday: ‘I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my work friends.

‘I’m going to Brazil with an open mind. It’s my last chance so it is worth atry.

‘I feel too young to die. I love my life and will do anything for more time to spend with my friends.’

Gina Gowans, 53, who is organising the fundraiser, said: ‘Paula is a gem of a person.

‘When she told us she had cancer, we were distraught but we couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

‘The faith healer may be a million to one chance, but there is nothing we would not try if it means Paula can be with us a little longer.’

Paula, of Edinburgh’s Granton area, was diagnosed with cancer in November after discovering lumps on her stomach and head.

A scan showed up so many tumours in her body, medics told her it was impossible to tell where the cancer had started.

Paula, who works night shifts to take her mind off her illness, said: ‘I have just finished a course of chemotherapy, which has reduced the tumours by two centimetres.

‘The cancer leiomyosarcoma responds better to surgery and I have so many tumours it would be impossible to get them all.

‘My doctor won’t tell me how many I have, but they are mainly in my liver, abdomen and lungs.’

Now Paula believes only a miracle can save her. She heard about the healer’s powers from a colleague at Edinburgh Airport.

Paula is planning to fly to Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of May.

She will travel with a friend to the mountain village of Goia to meet Joao Teixeira da Faria, known as Joao de Deus or John of God.

He is said to have cured illnesses for actresses Janet Leigh and Shirley MacLaine, the son of Peru’s president Alberto Fujimori and thousands of others, charging nothing for his services.

He claims he is possessed by great, deceased medics and regards himself as the vessel for God’s miracles.

He apparently loses consciousness to get in touch with the spirit entities, which then use his body to perform operations and treatments.

His unorthodox measures have included using a scalpel to slice open the breast of a woman with cancer to administer his healing.

He also used a scalpel to scrape at the eye of a man with sight problems and stuck tweezers up the nose of a man with a mental illness as if to stab at his brain.

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