Roseanne Talks Of Weight Loss

Roseanne is looking slim and fit – despite the fact that she’s the voice of a fat burping cow (with a heart of gold) in the new Disney animated film, Home on The Range.

She’s had her stomach stapled which has helped her lose 100 pounds. “I’ve lost my entire digestive system. Do I look radiant? It’s the make-up,” she laughs.

She also tells me her new glow is due to a spiritual way of life thanks to the Kaballah movement (a religious movement based on Judaism) which she’s involved with. Other devotees are Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. She wears the organisation’s thin red ribbon tied around her wrist to remind her “to be a nice person”.

“Everything’s calmed down and got better,” says the star. “I’ve tried to repair a lot of damage that I did to myself and other people. I’m trying to clean up the wreckage of my past and be a better person, kinder. I’ve been saying I’m sorry. I forgot about being human a lot of time in the past. I’ve also had a lobotomy,” she jokes.

She says that she meditates, but in terms of exercise, she doesn’t bother. “I fired my trainer. I eat a lot of cheese and sugar,” she says. “I like to lie in bed eating cheese and watching soaps on TV.”

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