Cult lawyer calls verdict just

ATTLEBORO — No jury in the country would have convicted Karen Robidoux of murder once they learned what life was like for the former Attleboro religious sect member, her attorney told a local lawyers’ group Thursday night.

“There wasn’t legal trickery here. That was a just verdict,” Brockton defense lawyer Joseph Krowksi Sr. said of the jury’s decision to acquit Robidoux of second-degree murder in the starvation death of her son, Samuel.

Robidoux, 28, however, was found guilty of assault and battery and sentenced to the time she already had served in jail before trial. She is now free and living at a group home for former cult members in Lakeville.

Krowski talked about the events in the case and highlights of the trial to about 20 lawyers attending a meeting of the Attleboro District Court Bar Association at the Col. Blackinton Inn.

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