Author Foretells a ‘New God’

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best-selling “Conversations with God” books, would be the first to acknowledge that his “one God” concept isn’t terribly revolutionary.

Walsch puts forward this concept in his new book “Tomorrow’s God.”

The concept includes these principles— that there is only one God who doesn’t care what religion, if any, humans worship; that we are one with God and with each other; that no one is better than anyone else; that freedom is at the heart of life; and that love knows no bounds.

“But what is far more revolutionary,” he said in a phone interview from his Ashland, Ore., home, “and what my book suggests and predicts is that the human race will create a new God in the next 25 years.

“So we have a new God on this planet, honored by humanity, and the differences between tomorrow’s God and yesterday’s God are striking.”

In his new book, Walsch describes at least nine differences that constitute what he terms New Spirituality.

How can Walsch be so certain of his prediction?

“Because I have been caused to know that this will occur in my own conversations with God,” he said. “I don’t think one has to be receiving revelations from the divine in order to make this assessment or this prediction.

“One has only to look around the world.”

What he is referring to are his observations that the human race is losing patience with itself and is concluding that “the God of our prior understanding is doing more harm than good.”

He offered two examples of this alleged harm.

The despoiling of the environment and the high global death toll of children.

Walsch claims that 400 children die each hour on the planet. “That’s the definition of obscenity, a civilization that would allow 400 to die every hour,” he said.

“I think it’s clear that humanity can’t go much further, can’t keep rolling the dice.”

Walsch predicts that once humanity wakes up to this predicament, he believes that small groups of people will spontaneously organize themselves, and the pervasive influence of the Internet will be the vehicle to help promote this movement.

To help speed this development, Walsch has created Humanity’s Team, an organization he said is armed with the strategy, outlined in the new book, of “freeing humanity from the oppression of its beliefs about God, about life and about each other in order to create a different world.”

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