Courtney Love in Church of Scientology?

Has Courtney Love been turning to the Church of Scientology for help?

Celebrities and Scientology

“The Church of Scientology uses celebrity spokesmen to endorse L. Ron Hubbard ‘s teachings and give Scientology greater acceptability in mainstream America. As far back as 1955, Hubbard recognized the value of famous people to his fledgling, off-beat church when he inaugurated ‘Project Celebrity.’ According to Hubbard, Scientologists should target prominent individuals as their “quarry” and bring them back like trophies for Scientology.
- The Selling of a Church: The Courting of Celebrities

The troubled rocker – who recently served a stint in rehab and has been battling for custody of her daughter, Francis Bean Cobain – thanks Scientology and Kirstie Alley in the liner notes for her new CD, “America’s Sweetheart,” reports

Alley is the spokeswoman for Narconon, a drug-treatment program based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Alley has credited Scientology with helping her overcome her own drug problems.

“I didn’t want to do drugs anymore, but I didn’t want to love life without doing drugs, and life was just being squelched out of me,” Alley once said. “It was a slow death. I had one auditing session in Scientology, and I never did drugs again or had the urge to do drugs again.”

Neither Alley’s nor Love’s spokespeople returned calls for comment, and a spokeswoman for Scientology said she had “no idea” why Love thanked the church and Alley.

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