Woman Getting Evaluated After Family Says Church Brainwashed Her

EATONVILLE, Fla. — A woman will undergo a mental evaluation after her family says she is being brainwashed by her church.

Erica Dawson’s family protested outside the Rhema Lifesavers Ministry in Eatonville on Sunday morning. They say Erica started acting strange six months ago, after she started attending services at the ministry. Family members say Erica refused to watch television or listen to the radio, saying it was evil. She even refused to associate herself with friends and family.

“They told her, we’re the devil, we’re evil, they can see evil sprits around us,” says Mary Dawson, Erica’s mother. The family also says Erica stopped taking medication for an immune disease. The church says Erica is making her own decisions. But Erica’s mother got a court order to have her mental state evaluated. If the evaluation says she’s okay, Erica is free to go back to the church, because she is 18 years old.

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