Sect claims birth of human clone in Sydney

Controversial international cloning group Clonaid yesterday claimed it had successfully created its sixth child – a boy born in Sydney last week.

The child is said to have been born in a Sydney hospital last week to infertile parents living in the Sydney area.

Clonaid project head biochemist Brigitte Boisselier, in Australia to monitor the birth, said the boy had been released from hospital.

“It happened last Thursday morning,” Dr Boisselier said.

“We waited a few days to make sure everything was okay, but he was perfectly healthy.

“The parents are infertile and the father is the one who gave the cells to have the baby.

“The mother has been carrying the child.”

Dr Boisselier declined to reveal further details about the child, his family, or their doctor.

But the organisation’s claims have been dismissed as a hoax by local scientific and religious communities due to its failure to produce DNA proof.

Director of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis at the Sydney First Clinic, Kylie Deboer, said Clonaid’s claim of cloning a baby boy in Sydney was “highly unlikely to be true”. “The process is a lot more technically difficult than they’d have people believe,” she said.

“I personally don’t see how it could be true.”

Clonaid made international headlines last year after it claimed to have created the first cloned human baby, a girl named Eve.

Dr Boisselier said their scientific claims would be validated.

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