Ex-cult mom might testify in murder trial

An ex-cultist from Attleboro charged with starving her son to death could take the stand in her own defense tomorrow as relatives rally behind her.

“She needs moral support, as far as I’m concerned,” said George Perron, a second cousin of Karen Robidoux. “She’s still family.”

The Body

In early press reports, The Body was referred to generically as the “Attleboro cult” or “Attleboro sect.”

The group’s doctrines and practices have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Carol Balizet’s Home in Zion Ministries

The Body is a cult, both sociologicall and theologically. Theologically it a cult of Christianity

Perron, 68, of Franklin, his brother, Richard, and several other relatives have attended every day of Robidoux’ second-degree murder trial during the past two weeks in Taunton Superior Court.

The brothers, who learned about the case through media reports, are among several relatives cut off from Robidoux and other members of The Body religious sect six years ago.

Perron said Robidoux’s mother, Vivian Daneau, told several relatives at a family wake in 1997 that members of the sect would have no more contact with anyone not in the group.

Robidoux, 28, has severed all ties to the cult since while being deprogrammed over the past year and has been re-connecting with relatives outside the group.

Defense attorney Joseph Krowski Sr. argues that Robidoux is not responsible for her son’s 1999 starvation death because she was a “battered woman” who was brainwashed and controlled by the sect. Krowski said he’s unsure whether she will take the stand tomorrow.

Prosecutors, however, say she willingly followed through on a deadly prophecy to starve the boy. Her husband is serving life for the killing.

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