16 pastors in sex scam

The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has sacked 16 pastors involved in sex scandals.

The executive chairman of the East African SDA Union, Pastor Paul Muasya, said the sacked pastors will miss their benefits for the time they have worked in the church.

Pastor Muasya told a congregation at Nyamira Uhuru Gardens that the sacked pastors had been involved in sex scandals with church members during guidance and counselling sessions and camp meetings.

He asked the church members to ensure that during counselling the pastors should be accompanied by their wives to avoid similar scandals.

The evangelist said both senior and junior pastors were involved and announced that the church had now put in place strict measures on ordaining new pastors. They will have to undergo an internship period of five to 10 years from the previous two.

Muasya also said the union had sacked 12 pastors, mostly from western Kenya, who were involved in financial mismanagement.

Meanwhile, a single-women’s forum yesterday dismissed as immoral suggestions to allow artificial methods of conception.

The Single Ladies Inter-denominational Fellowship took issue with a group of women who recently supported the use of donor sperms to unmarried women.

Last Saturday, the Forum for Single Women Rights was quoted as appealing that official fill-in documents be changed from “Father and Mother” to “Father or Mother”.

The Forum for Single Women Rights attributed its call to the fact that “some (women) are unmarried by choice, and would rather have children through donated sperm than directly from a man”.

The Single Ladies Inter-denominational Fellowship’s founder, Elizabeth Wahome, said it encouraged marriage and conception through sex.

Her forum, she added was also against abortion, use of condoms and taught strict morality as laid out in the Bible.

She was addressing the monthly luncheon of the group in Nairobi.

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