Benny Hinn Back In Orlando

Ministers Scoff At Televangelist’s Practices

ORLANDO, Fla. — The wildly popular and widely criticized televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn was back in Orlando Thursday, preaching to the masses.

Benny Hinn

Evangelist Benny Hinn is controversial for his frequently aberrant – and at times heretical – theology, his unorthodox practices, and his false claims. Nevertheless, large numbers of people who indentify themselves as Christians follow – and, often, appear to worship – this preacher.

Hinn’s multi-million dollar ministry used to be headquartered in Orlando, but he packed up and left for Dallas in 1999. Now he’s back for one night only at the TD Waterhouse Centre. Hinn’s services are filled with miraculous cures and healings replayed on a daily TV show that reaches around the globe.

He remains one of the world’s most popular televangelists despite critics claiming his healings are fake, and his lifestyle lavish.

Baptist minister Sam Greene is one of several pastors at this week’s conference who scoff at Hinn’s practices.

“I don’t feel like if I needed healing, that I would need to go to Benny Hinn to be able to get that healing,” Greene said. “I would go directly to the throne of grace and I would pray for the healing directly to God.”

But Hinn’s followers, who always turn out by the thousands, are not easily swayed. Tom Marini attended Hinn’s church in Orlando, and he now hopes Hinn can heal his wife from the aftereffects of a brain tumor. But, miracle or not, Marini will still believe in Hinn and his healings.

“When you get anybody in that one place in faith for the same purpose, great things happen,” said Marini.

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