Gibson film set for 2,000 screens

Mel Gibson’s film about the life of Jesus, The Passion of Christ, is to be released on 2,000 screens in the US.

The Passion Of The Christ

The controversial movie, which will be independently released, will be seen on as many screens as a major studio film.

The film has been dogged by controversy after Jewish groups complained the film could spark anti-Semitism by suggesting Jews were involved in Christ’s death.

But Catholic and Protestant groups say the film, released next month, sticks closely to Biblical texts.

Pope John Paul reportedly watched the film last month and gave his approval.

The film has also caused debate because all of the dialogue is in Latin and Aramaic, without English subtitles.

In October, Gibson’s Icon Productions film company and independent movie specialist Newmarket Films agreed to distribute the movie, which will open in the US on 25 February.

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