Officers say they spotted a UFO

January 7, 2004 (Huntington, Indiana) — Three Indiana police officers are now talking about their day-after-Christmas UFO sighting.

Huntington officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car the afternoon of December 26th, when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky. He radioed officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who saw it too.

Olinger says it wasn’t like a 1950’s type flying saucer. He says it was big, but didn’t have a hump in the middle. The three policemen say the object drifted toward a church steeple, then shot away without a sound.

Officer Hoover says they didn’t mention it before, because they were worried people would think they were crazy. Now, the officers are wondering if anyone else saw the circular object in the sky.

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