Kabbala may have led Britney to marry

Britney Spears’s study of the Kabbala, a Jewish mystical practice, may explain her surprise wedding to Jason Alexander in Las Vegas Saturday, claim sources close to the star.

The study of Kabbala is currently in vogue with various Hollywood celebrities, including Paul Newman and Madonna, who is believed to have introduced her young friend Spears to the ancient teachings.

Reports abound that Spears has visited the Kabbala Center in Los Angeles and was even spotted sporting a red string bracelet, which supposedly protects against the evil eye.

Kabbala, from the hebrew word kabel, meaning ‘to receive,’ is based on the basic truths of the universe, and places emphasis on marriage and the family, which Spears could have interpreted as a chance to settle down and start anew, sources told The New York Post on Sunday.

The Kabbala’s view on marriage, according to Hananya Goodman, who has written on the subject, is traditional, based on the teachings of the Jewish religion but “in a highly mystical and sometimes sexualized version.”

However, Goodman explained to The Jerusalem Post that the form of Kabbala practiced by celebrities such as Madonna and Britney is not the traditional teaching but a New Age version.

He said, “Kabbalistic texts are a commentary on the Torah. The study of it assumes a knowledge which these actors and actresses do not possess.”

In any case, if Britney’s dream was domestic bliss, it was short-lived.

The singer and her groom, a college student and childhood friend from her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana filed for an annulment only hours after the wedding ceremony, nullifying one of the shortest celebrity unions on record.

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