Spendy dating service has Scientology ties

Good news for lonely, single Scientologists. Scientology, whose members include such happy couples as John Travolta and Kelly Preston, reportedly has ties to a dating service called Affinity International.

BUT BEWARE. Apparently, the group’s services don’t always come cheap. In fact, an Australian farmer has filed a lawsuit, claiming that he paid Affinity International of Queensland more than $230,000 — and he still hasn’t found love.

The farmer allegedly forked over an initial fee of about $3,700 for a ‘basic introduction service,’ another $48,000 for ‘extra services’ from a personal consultant, and then the consultant said she wanted to quit her job and move in with him, but couldn’t unless he paid Affinity another $185,000, according to an article in the Australian newspaper The Advertiser. Affinity, notes the paper, ‘has ties to Scientology.’

A spokeswoman for Scientology in the U.S. tells the Scoop that she has never heard of Affinity International, or of a group called Affinity Exchange that has operated in the U.S. and other countries, touting itself as a dating service catering to followers of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

“The best way to pay is by VISA or MasterCard, credit or debit card,” noted the Affinity Exchange’s Web site. “If you do not have a card, you might find someone who does, give them the money, and use their card number.”

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