Police: Pana Wave wrote manual on how to beat members

The Pana Wave Laboratory group in Fukui, five of whose members were arrested Friday on suspicion of beating an associate professor of a Fukuoka university who died in the group’s facility in August, compiled a manual giving instructions on how to administer punishment beatings to members, police said Friday.

The police are questioning the members to determine whether the group as a whole was involved in the fatal assault on Satoshi Chigusa, 40, an assistant professor at Fukuoka University of Education.

Manabu Fujimori, 42, and four other members allegedly beat Chigusa repeatedly with bamboo swords and sticks. The blows left him with injuries to the back and waist.

According to the police, the manual instructed the number of strokes to administer as well as the items to use to beat people.

After examining Chigusa’s injuries, the police suspect that the members beat him severely and repeatedly based on the manual.

The police also found that there was a hierarchy in the group, and Fujimori and the other suspects played various roles, with some ordering beatings and others carrying them out.

The police will investigate who compiled the manual and also probe the structure of the group and whether punishment beatings were routine.

Other members implicated

Police found Saturday that in addition to the five arrested members, several other members were involved in beating Chigusa to death.

The police suspect a higher-ranking group member ordered them to beat Chigusa.

To investigate the group’s chain of command in connection with the incident, the police shortly will begin questioning the ranking member on suspicion of involvement in the assault.

The police interrogated about 70 members of the group immediately after the incident.

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