Bible prophecy profits BBC2

Horizon: current series is proving popular with viewers

BBC2’s Horizon continued its successful run last night when more than 3 million viewers tuned in to watch a documentary about a man who has used the Bible to predict that the world will end in 2006.

Bible Code, the second in the current run of the long-running science series, profiled American journalist turned author Michael Drosnin, who claims he can predict the future using a 3,000-year-old code hidden in the Bible.

The BBC2 documentary was watched by 3.2 million viewers and attracted a 14% audience share between 9pm and 9.50pm, according to unofficial overnights.

It proved more popular than Channel 4’s latest drama-documentary about ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians: Tomb Robbers attracted 2.3 million viewers and a 10% audience share from 9pm.

Bible Code also proved more popular than Channel Five’s movie repeat, Battle of Britain, which attracted 2.4 million viewers between 8pm and 10.35pm.

But it lost out to ITV1’s Holiday Showdown, which attracted 5.7 million viewers, and BBC1’s Crimewatch UK, which was watched by 5.4 million.

Earlier in the evening, BBC1’s Superstars revival concluded with 5.8 million viewers watching athlete Du’aine Ladejo come out on top between 8pm and 9pm.

Superstars attracted a 24% audience share, but lost out to The Bill, as it has done throughout its six-week run.

The ITV1 cop drama was watched by 7 million viewers and attracted a 29% audience share.

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