Aryan Nations member who ran for office will stand trial

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Aryan Nations member and failed Hayden City Council candidate Zachary Beck will stand trial on malicious harassment charges.

Beck, 24, was arrested Oct. 31 and accused of attacking a Hispanic man in a grocery store parking lot. Malicious harassment is a hate crime in Idaho.

Magistrate Barbara Buch- anan ruled Friday that there was enough evidence for a trial, and she denied Beck’s motion to reduce his $50,000 bail.

“I can’t see any other possible reason for Mr. Beck to have approached the victim,” Buchanan said. “There was not any other possible intent other than to harass him.”

Kootenai County sheriff’s officers allege Beck punched John Albright, 20, in the face after asking him if he was Mexican.

Deputy public defender Brad Chapman argued there was little if any evidence suggesting the incident was racially motivated.

Beck has contended the arrest was a ploy by his election opponent, Councilman Chris Beck, who is not related to Zachary Beck and does not share his views. Chris Beck easily won the Nov. 4 election with 97 percent of the vote and said he had nothing to do with Zachary Beck’s arrest.

No date for trial has been set.

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