The Man with a Plan to Convert a Galaxy into Beer Cans

Few people stretch the imagination as much as controversial theorist and activist Keith Henson


Anyone interested in stretching their imagination would do well to read Henson’s writings, as there are few people as connected to today’s cutting-edge thinkers and thinking. Since 1975, Henson has been involved with activities in such areas as space colonization, memetics, artificial life and nanotechnology, and made a name for himself as a prominent critic of—and even refugee from—Scientology.

Scientology vs. Keith Henson and other critics
The Scientology organization is a commercial enterprise that masquerades as a religion and that acts like a hate group – especially when this paranoid cult deals with its critics
Hate and harassment actions are among the unethical activities encouraged and condoned in Scientology’s scriptures.

It’s thanks to his Scientology-critic role that I was able to meet Henson recently in Toronto, where I grabbed a coffee at a hotel with him, his wife Arel Lucas and Montreal “memetic engineer” David McFadzean.

Here, Henson, looking somewhat like a grandfatherly woodworker, discussed his past endeavors, his current pursuits, his future thinking and how tangling with Scientology landed him in Canada. “Some people think tomorrow will be just like today,” says Henson. “It ain’t going to be that way, folks.”

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