Racist group claims growth in Colorado

DENVER – The National Alliance, a West Virginia-based white supremacist group that has been handing out fliers across Colorado, says it is growing in a state it once considered “a dead zone.”

“We’re very happy with what’s happening in Colorado,” Shaun Walker, the group’s chief operating officer, told The Denver Post in an interview from his Mill Point, W.Va., office. “Colorado wasn’t even on our map three years ago.”

He said the new interest has raised the group’s membership in the state from a handful to more than 100 people. He plans to place lobbyists at the state Capitol and candidates on the ballot.

“He is poorly reading Colorado,” said Evan Zuckerman, assistant director for the regional office of the Anti-Defamation League. “While he might have some converts here, I think he will be disappointed in the numbers.”

In August, the group distributed fliers in Eagle, where NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is accused of sexual assault. The fliers encouraged whites not to have sex with blacks.

Bryant, who is black, is charged with assaulting a white 19-year- old hotel worker. He has said the sex was consensual.

Fliers were also left on car windshields in Colorado Springs when the City Council was considering a resolution condemning racism. They have also been left in several other Colorado communities.

Some refer to immigrants as “parasites.”

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