Wife’s statement says she helped kill three children

BROWNSVILLE — Angela Camacho helped kill her three “cursed” children, but at her common-law husband’s suggestion, according to the first of two written confession made to police and presented in court today.

A written statement by Camacho on March 11 was used against John Allen Rubio, 23, in the sixth day of his capital murder trial.

A second statement will be discussed this afternoon.

On the night that the decapitated bodies of Julissa Quezada, 3, John Stephan Rubio, 1, and Mary Jane Rubio, 2 months, were found, Camacho told police the slayings were Rubio’s idea.

“John told me to get a knife,” Camacho told police.

Camacho’s statement coincided with Rubio’s own confession in that both believe the children were bewitched.

Three days before the March 11 slayings, the children began acting strangely and crying a lot, Camacho said in her confession.

“We felt someone had put some type of spell on our children.”

The concerned parents rubbed an egg on Julissa and dropped it in a container of water to check for evidence of a “curse.” The practice is common in faith healing for treating someone afflicted by the “evil eye” or mal ojo.

“The way the egg floated told us something has happened to Julissa,” Camacho said.

A couple of days later, “Both of the girls started making weird noises, like they were laughing at us,” she said. “John told me that the girls had the devil in them.”

Rubio and Camacho are being tried separately. A trial date for Camacho has not been set, pending a determination of her competence.

Rubio’s attorneys again reserved their cross-examination of the state’s witnesses Monday. However, defense attorney Nat Perez questioned if Camacho was aware of her rights when she made her statement to police.

Having told officers she was a special education student, a slow learner and a high school drop out, Perez asked police detectives Chris Ortiz and Alberto Luis De Leon why those facts did not raise red flags for them.

Perez’s objection was overruled and jurors heard Camacho’s statement. Jurors are expected to view Camacho’s video confession this afternoon.

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