Sex abuse investigator denies belief in ‘cultists’

SASKATOON – The police officer at the core of a malicious prosecution trial in Saskatoon has finally told his story. Brian Dueck, one of four defendants in the $10-million lawsuit, spent all day Tuesday in the witness box.

A dozen people who were wrongly-accused of child sex abuse say Dueck pursued them too zealously.

One picture of Brian Dueck has already emerged through the previous four weeks of this trial.

In 1990 Dueck was assigned to investigate the allegations of three foster children the Ross’s. There were tales of wild sex orgies involving children and adults. There were also stories of bondage, bloodletting, mutilation and murder. According to some witnesses, Dueck seemed convinced he was dealing with a cult of ritualistic sex abusers.

One former prosecutor, Terry Hinz, says he told Dueck to go back and find some physical evidence, but Hinz says Dueck told him the ‘cultists’ were too clever to leave any clues behind. However, on Tuesday, Dueck told court he doesn’t remember saying that.

Dueck also says he did not believe ritualistic acts had taken place. Instead, he believed the Ross children had been terrorized into believing those acts had really happened. Still, Dueck says he had reason to believe the children had been sexually abused.

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