Police arrest 10 ‘Mungiki’ followers in crackdown

More than 10 members of the outlawed Mungiki sect have been arrested in Nakuru in the past one week.

Yesterday, the police said two sect members were arrested and their paraphernalia recovered from one of their houses in in town.

Nakuru Police chief Joel Lang’at said the sect adherents were arrested after a tip-off by the eight suspects arrested last week.

The suspects have been operating in Lanet, Kokoto and Free Area in the outskirts of Nakuru town.

Police laid ambush yesterday morning at and managed to arrest them but two of their colleaues escaped.

One of those arrested, Mr Lang’at said, was identified as a ringleader, adding that the paraphernalia collected were in his house.

Some of the things found in the house included framed posters of Mr Maina Njenga, the Mungiki leader. Others were traditional herbs, swords, clubs, photo albums and a book containing names of the sect members, caps, powder and ashes packed in small sachets.

Meanwhile, Mr Lang’at said a commuter taxi (matatu) travelling from Nyahururu to Nakuru was last week carjacked and passengers robbed of more than Sh35,000 and other belongings.

Mr Lang’at said the vehicle was stopped at Maili Kumi by a passenger who wanted to alight, but immediately it stopped, four men emerged from the nearby bushes and took control.

The robbers later abandoned the vehicle.

The police boss cautioned drivers against stopping at any point.

He added that for safety purposes, the matatus should deour by nearby police stations for screening so as to flush out suspected thugs.

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