Sect workings probed

DEDHAM — The trial of Attleboro religious sect mother Karen Robidoux will include more testimony about the inner workings of the insular group than was disclosed when her husband Jacques was convicted of murdering their son last year, her lawyer and a cult expert say.

That’s because the focus in Karen Robidoux’s defense will be on her state of mind and about how the sect, founded by her father-in-law Roland Robidoux, used mind control to warp the judgment and decisions of members, said Brockton defense lawyer Joseph Krowski and cult expert the Rev. Robert Pardon.

Krowski and Pardon say the 28-year-old Karen Robidoux is as much a victim as her son Samuel. Samuel died three days before his first birthday in April 1999 after his parents withheld solid food from him for 51 days, prosecutors say.

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