Did this man trick you?

Does Canadian faith healer Clive Harris really cure people through his touch? Colaba police think otherwise. They thought many people would come forward to lodge complaints against Harris, but so far, only an organisation called Janhit Manch has. It has registered its complaint against the Mehta charity trust — that has brought the faith healer to Mumbai — for placing misleading advertisements.

“We have registered a case under the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act (Objectionable Advertisement) 1954. Though the complaint was made a month ago, the case was registered only after we sought legal opinion,” said a senior police officer.

The Mehta charity trust brought Harris, apparently a well-known faith healer to the city in August. Since then, Harris had treated a number of people, apparently by his touch, at the West End hotel.

Rajiv Somani, trustee of the Mehta charity trust, was unavailable for comment. However,  manager of the trust Manoj Agiwal said numerous patients who had queued up for treatment were proof enough that Harris had healing powers. “We brought him to Mumbai after learning about his healing powers which were famous worldwide. A cheating case cannot be made simply because people have voluntarily come to him for treatment and made donations,” he said.

Agiwal added Harris provided free treatment and only those patients who did not want to stand in the queue paid donations and got immediate appointment. “In some cases we have also refunded money to the people,” the manager said.

Referring to the advertisements given in the papers for which a case has already been lodged, Agiwal said the trust would convince the authorities that the advertisements were not in contravention of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

“Investigations are still on and we will soon call the officials from the trust in connection with the case,” said a senior police official.

Who is Harris?

Clive Harris, a Canadian faith healer is reportedly renowned worldwide for his healing powers. His believers say he cures the sick by touching them from head to toe. The patients write about their ailments on pieces of paper. He does not speak to his patients while touching them and the process lasts for around 20 to 30 seconds.

Around 87 per cent of the patients who call on Harris have got cured through his touch, claim believers. People the world over suffering from terminal illness like cancer to routine ailments like arthritis apparently flock to Harris. Among his patients has been Tasneem Fazal, wife of Maharashtra Governor Mohammad Fazal. Harris paid a special visit to Raj Bhavan to treat the Governor’s wife.

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