Accuser takes stand in ritual abuse case

SASKATOON – A former foster child whose lies led to 12 people being charged with the sexual abuse of children is testifying in a civil case on Tuesday. Michael Ross is a witness in the malicious prosecution trial in Saskatoon. He recanted his claims of sexual abuse on national television two years ago in a CBC Fifth Estate program.

Tuesday he is expected to explain in court, for the first time under oath, why he told stories of ritual satanic abuse.

Michael Ross has said he remembers his father abusing him many times. He said his sister Michelle found him underneath a bed tied up with a bedsheet and bleeding from his bum.

Ross said in testimony on Monday that he started abusing his sisters by touching them sexually, something he said went on for years.

When Ross was seven, the three children were removed to the home of their foster parents Dale and Anita Klassen. A couple of years later Ross was moved to another foster home while his sisters stayed behind at the Klassens.

Ross told court at that point he felt abandoned by his own family and he was angry about being apart from his sisters.

Then he started telling his new foster parents stories about satanic ritual abuse.

Ross said he told the stories because he was angry at his own parents and everyone else in his life. He said at the time he didn’t care who he hurt.

The court is expected to hear more from Michael Ross on Tuesday.

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