Police evict people who claim God was landlord

PLAINFIELD, Conn. — “God’s House” is empty after the eviction of two religious devotees who claimed they were instructed to remain in the house by God.

The home is covered with posters bearing scripture verses, and a sign that asks residents to inquire Plainfield officials about why God’s wrath is coming to town.

Police Thursday hauled away Lee Ecker, 72, also known as “J.C. Foster,” and Theresa Bellavance, 41, also known as “Sister Rachel.”

A lawyer for home owner’s conservator filed the eviction notice.

The property’s owner, Morse B. Zimmerman, is in a nursing facility. In 1990, he submitted documents to the town clerk deeding the house to God.

Willimantic lawyer John McGrath, who represents the conservator, said the house is Zimmerman’s only financial asset and it must be sold to pay his nursing home bills.

Ecker and Bellavance refused to vacate the house, however, and the eviction process worked its way through the courts all summer.

“We’re going to have to get the house ready and sell it, because Mr. Zimmerman is in a nursing home,” McGrath said, as town workers took the furniture from the house and contractors changed the locks.

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