God’s house arrest

For months the people in one Plainfield homesaid their place was legally owned by god and they weren’t budging.

But today they were taken away in handcuffs.

JC Foster and Sister Rachel are now out of the house and the neighbors are celebrating. The pair had said they would not leave on their own and would let God’s will determine their fate. This morning that apparently came in the form of an eviction.

Their exit from the so-called God’s house was peaceful and for some joyous.

Sister Rachel: “God’s gonna show these people that they have done evil and may God have mercy on you all.”

Sister Rachel and JC Foster a self proclaimed prophet were removed from the Plainfield home in handcuffs.

JC Foster: “I’ll be back and when I come back do you know where I’m gonna live, right over there.”

The two had been living with Benjamin Zimmerman who owned the home. When he was put in a nursing home in June, the process to evict them began.

John McGrath/attorney: “The house has to be sold in order to pay for his nursing home care. The house can’t be sold with the people who are occupying it.”

Foster and Sister Rachel were arrested for criminal trespass because they refused to leave on their own. Police expect they will be released on their own recognizance.

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