Escaping Polygamy — and Scientology

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Going Clear, Alex Gibney’s smash documentary that exposes the Scientology cult to daylight, was HBO’s highest-rated documentary premiere in almost a decade. By popular demand it is going to be back in theaters.

By the way: the documentary has seven Emmy nominations.

“I want to leave and I want to leave now, but I’m scared and don’t know who I can trust.”

That anonymous text message opens LMN’s documentary series Escaping Polygamy.

“This show is not like ‘Sister Wives’ Fox News headlined. It sure isn’t. Rather than sugarcoat polygamy, this series highlights what it is like to be trapped in an insular polygamous group.

The series follows the work of three sisters who left the Kingston clan, a secretive polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as the Order, as they help both loved ones and strangers break free of polygamy.

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