Arrest Warrants Filed for Five Cult Leaders

Korea Times, May 18, 2003

Prosecutors yesterday sought arrest warrants for five leaders of a religious cult who allegedly beat a man to death for lack of faith in their religion.

The five include 49-year-old female cult leader identified only as Song and a 31-year-old named Choi who first reported the crime to authorities. They were charged with fatally beating the 31-year-old victim identified as Lee accusing him of neglecting his construction work duties.

On Friday, prosecutors found a total of four corpses from a container at a construction site in Yonchon, Kyonggi Province, where cult members were building a worshipping hall.

One of the bodies is believed to be the murder victim, while the other three are thought to be brought from elsewhere by cult members hoping they would be brought back to life.

The members had been carrying out a ritual to resurrect the four dead bodies with the help of a “life potion”, according to investigators.

Prosecutors said they also filed an arrest warrant for Choi as he admitted to have taken part in the assault of Lee and in light of the need to place him under police protection.

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