Dead Animals May Not Be Result Of Satanic Cult

Meaning Of Orange Paint Unknown
WEWS, May 8, 2003
POSTED: 6:13 p.m. EDT May 8, 2003
LAGRANGE TOWNSHIP, Ohio — It was a sight so ghastly that a county humane officer believed it had to be something Satanic, NewsChannel5 reported.

Two dead animals, believed to be dogs, were found with their skin removed and orange paint on their cheeks. It was initially believed to be on the animals’ eyes.

Lorain County detectives don’t believe it’s a Satanic ritual, however. According to Detective Randal Koubeck, the animals believed to be dogs may not be dogs at all.

“It looks like we might be dealing with someone who just dropped these carcasses after a hunt,” he said.

Officials now think that the animals may be coyotes that were trapped and then their pelts the carcasses left as roadside debris.

For Mark Gardner, who owns the Indian Hollow Golf Course nearby, it’s an explanation he’d rather hear than the theory of a Satanic cult.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh boy, I hope something like that isn’t going on in this area,’ ” he said.

WEWS said the area is popular for dumping all kinds of trash — everything from beer bottles to old household appliances. Further investigation is needed to figure out the significance of the orange paint.

Detectives are also waiting for a positive identification from animal experts, which may put the Satanic suspicions to rest.

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