Media twisting my comments, says Murungaru

The East African Standard (Kenya), May 5, 2003
By Dominic Wabala

National Security Minister, Dr Chris Murungaru, yesterday accused the media of distorting, misrepresenting and misinterpreting his comments on security.

In a statement, Murungaru said on several occasions, he had been misquoted or misreported by the media.

“Of concern is when as a minister in charge of National Security, my responses are skewed, blatantly distorted or altogether misrepresented.

When this happens, the public is bound to feel hopeless and ultimately lose confidence in the Government’s ability to protect them,” Murungaru said.

The minister, however, admitted that insecurity is a problem and the Government was doing everything possible to ensure crime is eliminated.

He said most of the insecurity burden the Government is dealing with today was inherited from the former regime. Murungaru said the Government had neutralised groups like Mungiki, Taliban and Kamjesh which had been perpetrating violence.

The minister said he had not defended Mungiki as claimed by the media when suspected sect members caused mayhem in Kayole recently.

He also denied he had ordered all Kenya Police Reservists (KPR) countrywide to be disarmed during his tour of North Rift.

He said this was in reference only to the North Rift and not the whole country.

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