White-clad cultists prepare to move again

Asahi News (Japan), May 5, 2003

Persuaded to move to a remoter site, 50 white-clad Pana Wave Laboratory cultists packed up and left their roadside camp in Kiyomi, Gifu Prefecture, Saturday morning.

About a dozen vehicles headed for a nearby closed road the village is allowing the cult to use for three days while fixes are made to six vehicles in violation of the traffic code.

Stickers on the vehicles’ windows block the driver’s view. Cult members say they will make the requested changes and move on by tonight.

In an effort to allay the misgivings of the public and to keep onlookers away, prefectural police are maintaining a 24-hour watch on the cult, with police vehicles stationed at the entrance to the occupied road.

A 66-year-old representative of an affiliated group that publishes the cult’s bulletin met Sunday with the mayor and other officials of Oizumi, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the cult is apparently headed. He informed them the 69-year-old woman who leads the cult did not have long to live and that when she died the cult would break up. Meanwhile, villagers met Saturday to discuss how to keep the cult out of this village of 4,500 people.

It is believed the cultists are intending to seek refuge in a domed building in the village owned by the 66-year-old man. They are apparently preparing for a cataclysmic event they expect to occur on May 15.

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