Minister allays fear over Mungiki attacks

East African Standard (Kenya), Apr. 29, 2003
Andrew Teyie and Ben Agina

National Security Minister Dr Chris Murungaru today said the Mungiki sect does not exist.

Dr Murungaru said the government has exterminated the Mungiki sect and those responsible for yesterday’s Kayole terror were “common criminals.”

“We have dealt with Mungiki. They are over and dealt with.The terrorists in Kayole are organised criminals using the name of Mungiki to spread fear and terror in Kenyans,” said Murungaru.

Murungaru was speaking after opening the Public Service Integrity Implementation programme. He was flanked by Security Permanent Secretary Dave Mwangi.

Murungaru termed those responsible for the Kayole terror as extortionist. He said the extortionists are resisting the government’s move to instil sanity in the matatu industry.

“This is organised crime. They are normal criminals who are preying on the Matatu Industry. They are an extortion ring which we will destroy,” said Murungaru.

Murungaru who promised to crack down on the criminals, said the government has studied Mungiki acts. He noted that they know how they carried out their operations.

“This is not classic Mungiki. Kenyans should not fear. We will deal with the criminals,” said Murungaru.

Five people were seriously injured and three matatus burnt in Kayole, Nairobi on Monday by people believed to belong to the outlawed sect.

One of the victims is in a coma while others are seriously injured. The gang of 50, armed with machetes and crude weapons attacked unsuspecting matatu crew at Kayole’s Corner Mbaya.

As is the practise with mungiki sect members nobody was arrested during the incident.

In all attacks in which have beem carried out by Mungiki in Nairobi, nobody was arrested including the one in Kariobangi in 2002 in which more than 23 people were killed.

Murungaru also cautioned cattle rustlers against engaging in the acts. He noted that it was a criminal offense to engage in the acts.

“Cattle rustling is not a viable means of livelihood. Cattle rustling comes with death and this government values the sanctity of human life,” said Murungaru.

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