Montreal to get ‘peace palace’

The Gazette (Canada), May 2, 2003
Mark Abley

A “peace palace” is coming to Montreal’s West Island.

It’s the brainchild of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his local followers, who promise “to bring relief to the people of our stressed city,” as well as “peace to our turbulent world.”

The plans were unveiled following a group meditation session featuring a local doctor, the CEO of a tofu company and a retired banker. Yogic flying did not occur.

The peace palace will be one of hundreds around the world, said John Cerigo, head of the Maharishi Vedic College of Montreal. He didn’t announce the expected cost of the 12,000 sq. foot building, but he expressed a serene confidence that money will not be a problem.

If construction begins on schedule this year, Cerido said, the peace palace could open to the public as early as the spring of 2004.

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