‘Yogic flying’ competiton

KTVO, Apr. 26, 2003

(Fairfield, Iowa)–Members of the audience at Maharishi University cheered as yogic flying players competed in four different events. Around 20 yogic flying competitors used Transcendental Meditation to raise their bodies feet into the air while sitting. “You feel like everything’s gonna be taken care of for you. And whatever you want to do, you’ll be able to do,” said Michael Koren. During the “high jump” competition the players raised their bodies onto the tops of mattress stacks. Players propelled themselves several feet through the air using only a higher level of consciousness. “What happens is that there’s an intention to lift off, Brain Researcher Dr. Alarik Arenander said. It’s not concentration or control. It’s just a simple, delicate impulse on the level of consciousness. And then the body lifts up and goes forward.” Yogic flying combines Transcendental Meditation with traditional yoga practice. The event organizers say it proves the power of mind over body.

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