Ex-nun who beat kids released from P.E.I. jail

CBC News (Canada), Apr. 18, 2003

CHARLOTTETOWN – A former nun convicted of assaulting children at a religious commune on Prince Edward Island was released from jail Thursday.

Lucille Poulin was sentenced to eight months after being convicted last November of beating the children with a wooden paddle.

Some people in P.E.I. say they’re worried that she will violate her parole conditions.

When Poulin was convicted, the judge ordered her not to live with or care for anyone under 14 for three years after being released.

There are no children in the commune now, but a member is expecting to give birth in May.

“It’s going to be the same thing all over again,” predicted one man. “There should be something done about it.”

“They said, ‘We would do it again.’ They didn’t have any regrets,” agreed a woman who lives nearby.

Police have warned Poulin that if she lives in the same house as the newborn she may be charged with breaking the probation order.

The couple expecting the child is on record supporting Poulin’s use of corporal punishment. Provincial officials have said they plan to monitor the commune, and will move in if there are any reports of abuse.

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