Arrest Mungiki boss, demands clergyman

Daily Nation (Kenya), Apr. 21, 2003

A bishop wants the government to tell Kenyans why a self-confessed Mungiki leader has not been arrested for making inflammatory remarks.

Eldoret Catholic Bishop Cornelius Korir called for the immediate arrest of the proscribed sect’s leader Ndura Waruinge, saying his remarks were a threat to the country’s security.

A day after he was released on a Sh200,000 peace bond, Mr Waruinge was on Saturday quoted by the media as demanding the registration of the organisation.

Mr Waruinge said he would meet National Security minister Chris Murungaru and President Kibaki to demand the registration of Mungiki.

He reportedly said unless the government gave jobs to Mungiki members, they were likely to continue engaging in criminal activities.

Conducting an Easter Sunday mass at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Eldoret, Bishop Korir asked why the sect leader was allowed to make inflammatory statements with impunity. “I am just asking a question: why did he (Waruinge) say that and he is still free?”

He asked the government not to take Mr Waruinge’s remarks lightly, taking into account the many crimes the sect followers had been involved in. He recalled the January incident in Nakuru where they killed at least 20 people.

Bishop Korir, who is also the Kenya Episcopal Conference vice-chairman, said the Church would also question suspect deals by government officers “and that is why I am asking this question about the Mungiki leader”.

He said as Christians hoped for life in heaven after death, it was their duty to ensure justice for all prevailed here on earth.

Nominated Eldoret councillor Kipkorir Menjo said he was disturbed by Mr Waruinge’s sentiments.

He said Waruinge “appeared to be inciting his followers to break the law and should not still be free”.

Mr Menjo said the outlawed sect leader’s sentiments were likely to create the impression that Mungiki was above the law.

“If the police had no grounds of charging him when they arrested him, I am sure they now can charge him over incitement,” Mr Menjo said.

Last week, the police asked the court to bond Mr Waruinge to keep peace for a year.

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