Judge denies widow’s objection; James Killeen’s brother will claim body for burial

Tucson Citizen, Apr. 16, 2003
IRENE HSIAO, Tucson Citizen

The brother of a man whose body had decomposed for at least three weeks in a Southwest Side home before the death was reported to police will claim the body within the next several days.

Judge Clark Munger ruled last week that Christopher Killeen could arrange for James Killeen’s cremation and internment.

After the cremation, Christopher Killeen plans to send the remains to his mother in Southern California.

Eleanor Killeen, James Killeen’s wife, filed an objection to Munger’s decision. He denied it Monday.

She said that a “lack of assets” prevented her from paying for funeral arrangements and that Christopher Killeen did not offer any financial assistance to her, according to an objection filed in Pima County Superior Court on Monday morning.

James Killeen was paid about $100,000 a year as a Union Pacific Railroad manager.

Five people pleaded not guilty in Tucson City Court on Monday to charges they failed to report the death of James Killeen, 50, who remained in his South Hillerman Drive home. They were members of a religious group who had been praying for his resurrection.

Pima County Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Parks estimated Killeen’s death may have occurred around Jan. 2. The cause of death could not be determined because of the advanced state of decomposition.

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