Goggaman children ‘are lying’ – defence

The Star (South Africa), Apr. 9, 2003
By Zelda Venter

ET the alien, who was on a visit to Pretoria; a green devil with a blazing tail; and babies sacrificed to Lucifer were elements of the evidence of three siblings against Robbie Classen, the man dubbed “Goggaman”.

These bizarre scenes were described on Wednesday by Classen’s advocate, Deon Hugo, as a figment of the children’s imaginations. Hugo argued in the Pretoria High Court for Classen’s acquittal.

The heavily tattooed man, who is 38 years old, is accused of subjecting the children to occult practices. He is facing 10 charges, including rape and sexual abuse. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Hugo charged that the children were lying, that their imaginations had run away with them and their mother was emotionally susceptible.

‘Babies sacrificed to Lucifer’

The seven-year-old girl and her nine- and 11-year-old brothers claimed that during 2000 they were subjected to satanic rituals at Schubart Park flats in the centre of Pretoria, where they stayed at the time.

One of the children earlier testified how he was taken into a “tunnel” at the flats. The “tunnel” was evidently opened by placing one’s hand over an impression of a hand on the door.

When the door to the room opened, the “devil’s eyes blazed red”. However, Hugo argued that this was clearly a creation of the child’s imagination.

Hugo said another “illustration of the boy’s imagination” was his recollection of the time “ET” visited him.

The children’s mother, Hugo added, had an equally vivid imagination. She had testified that just before the trial began, she heard a funny noise, like that of a pig.

The trial continues.

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