Son sued by Calvary Chapel pastor asks Who Would Jesus Sue?

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Ignoring what the Bible teaches Christians regarding the filing of lawsuits against fellow believers, Calvary Chapel pastor Bob Grenier and his wife, Gayle, last October sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyber-bullying.

Alex Grenier runs the website, on which he has posted messages accusing his father of committing felony child abuse against him and his three brothers while pretending to be an upstanding preacher and police chaplain.

In July, 2010, The Fresno Bee reported that two of the three sons, Paul and Alex Grenier, filed criminal complaints earlier that year, alleging their father physically abused them as boys — savagely and routinely beating them.

Back then both sons said their father, pastor Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia — volunteer chaplain at the Visalia Police Department — “has so much clout that police won’t properly investigate — and won’t even give them copies of their own complaint.”

The paper explained, “The elder Grenier’s connections to law enforcement run deep in Visalia. The introduction of his self-published book “A Common Miracle,” telling his life story, includes praise from former Visalia Police Chief Bob Carden, Sheriff Bill Wittman and District Attorney Phil Cline. And the staff at Calvary Church includes a retired sheriff’s lieutenant.”

In their defamation lawsuit the pastor and his wife refer to Alex’s website postings as an “online hate campaign.” But Alex says his writing do not meet the legal definition of defamation because “The stuff I’m alleging is true.”

Last Saturday The Fresno Bee wrote that Paul Grenier, in court papers filed in support of his brother Alex, confirms that his father sexually molested him as a child.

Bob Grenier denies the abuse allegations, and a third son, Robert, has stood by his parents — saying in a statement supporting their lawsuit that he never witnessed the alleged sexual abuse or heard about it.

Yesterday Alex Grenier posted a call to action on his website, asking people to help him bring awareness of his father’s lawsuit against him.

A number of bloggers have taken up his call — among other things by using the Twitter hash tag #WhoWouldJesusSue.

One of those bloggers in Julie Anne Smith, whose ex-pastor filed a defamation lawsuit against her for criticizing her former church. That lawsuit was dismissed.

On his Calvary Chapel Abuse website Alex Grenier today posted a press release stating that a decision on his father’s lawsuit against him is due on February 25.

Update: Decision postponed to March 4th with formal hearing March 5th (due to plaintiff’s attorney ‘scheduling conflict’).


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