Calvary Chapel pastor sues estranged son over ‘cyberbullying’

Friday October 19, 2012

Calvary Chapel pastor sues son over ‘cyberbullying’: Visalia Calvary Church pastor, the Rev. Bob Grenier, and his wife, Gayle, have sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyberbullying.

Alex Grenier, 40, launched the website more than two years ago and posted accusations that his father committed felony child abuse against him and his three brothers while pretending to be an upstanding preacher and police chaplain.

But Bob Grenier said Thursday that he and his wife have had enough of their son’s “online hate campaign” against them and are suing to stop their son and to tell their side in court.

Mexican authorities detain leader of religious sect that opposes secular education

A December, 2008 report about the community.

Dominican cops jail German leader of doomsday sect:

A judge ordered a yearlong detention Thursday for the German leader of a doomsday sect that believes in aliens while Dominican authorities investigate why he had a gun arsenal at his house that police discovered after a deadly, hour-long shootout.

Police arrested Peter Brunck, 61, of Meisenheim, Germany, and an unidentified German woman after killing another German man with ties to the sect in a shooting that injured three officers Wednesday. […]

Police said Brunck apparently is leader of the “Academy for Future Health” sect, going by the title “cosmic teacher” and promising mental salvation and treatment for various illnesses. […]

According to the sect’s website, he traveled frequently to western Europe to give dozens of seminars, charging up to $650 per person for certain presentations. Brunck warned followers about the end of the world and talked about the possibility of a “galactic super electromagnetic wave” that could destroy all communication on Earth, as well as a potential shift in polarity that could bring a new ice age in Europe or result in sea levels rising by nearly 200 feet (60 meters).

Brunck also has said he believes there are 68 varieties of aliens, and he espoused certain therapies he believed could cure ailments ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis.

Stefan Barthel, an official with Berlin’s state-run office that tracks cults, told the newspaper Bild that the sect used Germany as a “missionary area” to recruit followers to come to the Dominican Republic.

Robin Murphy, convicted of 1980 satanic cult murder, denied parole

Meet a man who endured 31 years at the dark heart of Scientology: While the Church of Scientology continues to claim that it is the fastest-growing religion on earth — (Hey… it’s a UFO cult. Its followers don’t necessarily have to deal with facts) — more and more former members are exposing the cult to daylight.

Research resources on Scientology

Texas Judge, Siding With Cheerleaders, Allows Bible Verses on Banners at School Games

Irish court allows transfusion for Jehovah’s Witness despite husband’s objection: The High Court has ordered that a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in need of urgent surgical treatment can receive certain blood transfusion products despite objections from her husband on religious grounds.

Apocalypse Now(ish): Irvin Baxter’s End Times EmpireDeath, destruction and the end of humanity: Dallas pastor Irvin Baxter is building a media juggernaut by predicting the very worst.

Mention of vagina causes evangelical bookshop to refuse book, claims author: Rachel Held Evans says book has been snubbed by because Christian stores ‘apparently have a thing against vaginas’

Kindle Edition

Rachel Held Evans’s second book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, is her account of the year she spent taking every instruction from the Bible as literally as possible, from calling her husband “master” to camping in the garden during her period. Out later this month, it includes two instances where the word vagina is used: once where she is describing the rape of a Congolese teenager, and once where she talks about her own decision to sign an abstinence pledge at the age of 15: “I used the back of my metal chair to scribble my name across the dotted line before marching to the front of the room to pin my promise to God and to my vagina onto a giant corkboard for all to see.”

The author first realised there might be an issue over her use of the anatomical word earlier this year, when she was told by her publisher Thomas Nelson that she shouldn’t include the second instance because Christian book stores “apparently have a thing against vaginas”.

“I make a big scene about it and say that if Christian bookstores stuck to their own ridiculous standards, they wouldn’t be able carry the freaking Bible,” she wrote on her popular blog in March.

Is your pastor (or favorite Christian teacher) really a Dr.?


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