Part of Ritzville Hutterite group is moving to Oregon

The East Oregonian, via The Seattle Times, Mar. 8, 2003
By Jeannine Koranda, The East Oregonian

RITZVILLE, Adams County — Behind the modern dairy, farming equipment and housing, Hutterites preserve a lifestyle that dates back to the 16th century.

Sheltered in a communal setting derived from a strict Biblical interpretation of Acts 2:44-47, stating “living together, take care of one another,” cult, that’s not the case, Piercy said.

“This is just an old, old, old-time set of religious beliefs that they have continued to adhere to based on the same Bible we read,” he said.

Although they strive to live simply, Stahl has a microwave in his house and a computer for keeping track of the community’s expenses. Computers are used in classrooms and the farm uses modern equipment.

Although their beliefs prohibit them from fighting, Hutterites have shown their patriotism by supporting the country in other ways.

“In the last war some Hutterians worked in hospitals and the like, but we will not shed blood,” he said.

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