Cult’s leader is out of this world

Cult’s leader is out of this world
New Truth & TV Extra, Mar. 7, 2003

A cult whose leader is said to appear in different bodies is out to bring peace to Iraq.

Hollywood-based Share International’s so-called world teacher, Maitreya, is based in London preparing for his emergence.

The cult claims his arrival is awaited by all religions.

He’s said to appear as both males and females.

Share International last week called on its New Zealand followers to rise against the Bush administration.

Kiwi member Michael Howell – an Auckland bus driver – told Truth the cult had taken part in every demonstration in New Zealand against war in Iraq.

“We believe in sharing and that if the great nations would just share they could largely rid the world of terrorism,” he said.

The cult, which claims about 100 members throughout New Zealand, also believes masters can communicate with believers from beyond the grave.

London-based Benjamin Creme claims to have telepathic contact with a dead master and passes on the message to followers of the cult on their website, a monthly newsletter and through lectures.

Creme will not identify the master but claims he is speaking out against “power-hungry warmongers”.

“He will call for caution and wisdom with regard to today’s weapons of terrible power and warn of the fruitlessness of war for the sake of peace,” he says.

Creme has visited New Zealand five times for lectures.

Each time, at the end of his speech Howell said he had been overshadowed by a message from beyond.

Howell said the master was clear.

“The message is to share equally the world’s resources.”

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