Unification Church to launch political party

The Korea Herald, Mar. 8, 2003

The Unification Church said yesterday that it will form a political party Monday to prop up its social campaign on family values and world peace.

The church, also known as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, said it will hold a mass rally in which about 2,000 promoters will register with the nation’s election commission, a legal step essential to organizing a political party.

“We have made efforts to promote family values, world peace and inter-Korean reunification. And we believe we need an organization that can operate with legal protection,” said a church official on the reasons behind the launch of the new party.

He said the envisioned party, tentatively named “Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity,” will refrain from engaging in political activities for the time being and focus on spreading their beliefs.

“We have no plan to field candidates for elections at the moment,” the official said.

He added that Rev. Moon Sun-myung, the church’s founder and leader, worked out the idea of forming a political party, but does not intend to assume a post.

Kim Bong-tae, vice president of the church-owned Segye Times, is currently directing the 2,000 promoters, but he has yet to decide whether to take a party post, the official said. Kim, 53, heads the Youth Federation for World Peace.

The rally, meanwhile, will be held at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center in eastern Seoul Monday.

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